『What is Standard?』Boylston Jazz 3rd Album

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ワールドJAZZバンド【Boylston Jazz】名義で3枚目となるCDアルバムは、スタンダードジャズをアレンジした作品となった。

Standard jazz tunes are cool playgrounds for both musicians and jazz lovers to exchange different perspectives, thoughts, and interpretations. Those tunes come not only from compositions of jazz musicians, but also from popular music, movie sound tracks, musical numbers, etc. a jazz tune could be anything. Any melody and chords could be turned into a jazz tune over different rhythms, forms arrangements, and by incorporating many other musical ideas. This project is a display of possibilities where a definition of standard is being captured with latin jazz flavor.

○ タイトル:What is Standard?
○ 演奏:Boylston Jazz
○ 価格:2,500円(税込)

01 Spain /スペイン
02 My Favorite Things /私のお気に入り
03 Speak No Evil /スピークノーイーヴル
04 Invitation /インヴィテーション
05 Overjoyed /オーバージョイド
06 A Child is Born /チャイルドイズボーン
07 Take the A Train/A列車に乗っていこう
08 Moon River /ムーンリバー
09 Let it Go (FROZEN) /レット・イット・ゴー(アナと雪の女王)

全 9 曲

LABEL : Junya Fukumoto Music Office
GENRE : Latin / Jazz / Instrumental