『Where Spirits Belong』Boylston Jazz 2nd Album

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Boylston Jazzの2ndアルバム『Where Spirits Belong』。
These original songs we chose just randomly when we had a recording session, have a deep connection each other, and issue a color and a message of this album as a whole album now. It is not intended at all initially, which I feel the fun of making things again.

○ タイトル:むすんでひらいて ~Circle of Hearts~
○ 演奏:Boylston Jazz
○ 価格:2,500円(税込)

01 Where Spirits Belong
02 Mayuzuki /眉月
03 I am a cat
04 Alto Sambartido
05 Tourist
06 4 years Old
07 Yes but No
08 Now or Never
09 Misokazuki /三十日月

全 8 曲

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¥2,500 tax included